Reclaimed Wood Wine Racks and Shelves

Reclaimed Wood Wine Rack

These fabulous racks and shelves have been created by the Texas based firm Del Hutson Designs. They create all kinds of rustic chic pieces with upcycled wood from a variety of sources. They have a growing range of items including coat racks, shelves and our favourite, the wine racks.

Reclaimed Wood Wine Rack

Reclaimed Wood Shadow Box

Reclaimed Wood Coat Rack

Reclaimed Wood Coffee & Tea Shelf

Floating Glass Holders

Reclaimed Wood Magazine Rack

Reclaimed Wood Wine Rack

Personalized Reclaimed Wood Wine Rack

Simplistic Reclaimed Wood Wine Rack

Outdoor Simplistic Reclaimed Wood Wine Rack

Del Hutson Designs:

“Decor up cyclers at its best! We use reclaimed wood from a variety of sources to create what we like to like call rustic chic home decor. Rustic functionality is how we like to describe most of our items, charming pieces that not only look great but are entirely functional.”

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